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Latest Update: The Daleks Daniel Tessier reviews the first two Doctor Who Dalek stories...the start of a television phenomenon.
The Daleks
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    The Origin of Doctor Who

    The Origin of Doctor Who - The world's longest running science fiction series - from concept to reality.

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    An Unearthly Child

    How the world's longest running science fiction programme began. The very first episode from November 1963.

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    The Keys of Marinus

    One of Doctor Who's lesser remembered first season adventures gets a re-evaluation.

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    The Time Meddler

    The Time Meddler is a seminal story in the Doctor Who canon. Find out why in this article.

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    The Mind Robber

    Classic Patrick Troughton story from 1968 featuring possibly the best cliff-hanger of all time.

  • Peladon

    The Curse of Peladon

    The Doctor encounters the Ice Warriors on an alien world. But when the Doctor jumps to conclusions is all as it seems to be?

  • TV The Daemons

    The Daemons

    An evil priest, a gruesome gargoyle, a demon and a doctor all turn up at Devil's End! "Chap with the wings there - five rounds rapid!"

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    Genesis of the Daleks

    Classic Tom Baker story from 1975 taking us back in time to the birth of The Doctor's deadliest enemy. "A signature story in the Doctor Who canon."

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    Terror of the Zygons

    Deadly shape-shifting aliens carry out a series of attacks on oilrigs in the gas fields of the North Sea.

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    The Deadly Assassin

    The Doctor returns to Gallifrey for the fight of his life.

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    The Tenth Planet v. Attack of the Cybermen

    We compare two very different stories.

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    The Day of the Doctor.

    Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Episode (opens as a pdf file).

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    The Transmedia Experience

    A look at how the Doctor Who franchise changed in 2005

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    Doctor Who - 1963

    Television Heaven's review of the original series.

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    Doctor Who - 2005

    A review of Doctor Who since its return in 2005.

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