• The Pioneers

    The Invention of Television: The Pioneers

    The scientific genius of these early pioneers and their discoveries made the invention of television possible.

  • John Logie Baird

    The Invention of Television: John Logie Baird

    Analysing the truths and the myths as well as the supposed secret experiments of John Logie Baird.

  • TV Timeline

    The Invention of Television: Timeline

    The complicated and often contradictory timeline of the invention of television from 1812 to 1936.

  • History of the BBC

    History of the BBC: The First Television Era

    From humble beginings in 1922 to the dawn of television-the history of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

  • Here's Television

    History of the BBC: Here's Television

    TV critic Kenneth Baily's first-hand account of the early days of BBC television - written over fifty years ago.

  • TV closes down

    The Day the BBC Closed Down

    Dispelling the myth of what actually happened on 1st September 1939. The day the BBC closed down.

  • Alexandra Palace

    Alexandra Palace's Secret War

    The War years at Alexandra Palace - a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma?

  • Back from the Big Parade

    History of the BBC: Back From The Big Parade

    In 1945 the Government announced that it wanted the BBC to start television again. Within a few days engineers were back at work.

  • Designed for Women

    History of the BBC: Designed for Women

    1947 was the year that the BBC began exploring the different types of programming it could offer viewers for the first time.

  • 1953 Coronation

    The 1953 Coronation

    In most parts of the country, in the towns and cities, streets were deserted as television came of age.

  • Norman Collins

    Norman Collins

    The BBC man who played a major part in the changing face of British television by devoting his experience towards the setting up of commercial television.

  • ITV

    The Birth of ITV

    ITV's rocky history from conception to birth in a complete 3 part history of the early years of Independent Television.

  • TV Advertising

    Boosting the Economy

    When ITV arrived in 1955 it bought something new into the homes of the British viewing public: Television advertising.

  • Ad Mags


    In this second part of advertising on British commercial television we see how 'shoppers guides' nearly cost ITV its franchise.

  • Pilkington Report


    A government white paper on the state of television found ITV wanting, while the BBC escaped any criticism. But did the government have their own agenda?

  • Anglia Television

    Anglia Television

    The story of ITV's first truly rural regional programme maker.

  • TV Franchises

    New Franchises

    The story of how the new franchises were dished out at the end of the 1960s and the near collapse of one of them - London Weekend Television.

  • Lew Grade

    Lew Grade

    The story of one of Britain's most successful entrepreneur's of all time. The man who made ITV 'The People's Channel'

  • Sidney Bernstein

    Sidney Bernstein

    One of the founding fathers of Independent Television, Bernstein almost immediately stamped his indelible imprint of British television.

  • Val Parnell

    Val Parnell

    Instrumental in the popularisation of ITV television in 1955, Parnell may have been seen by many as an empire builder, but by the end of 1962 that empire was crumbling.

  • RTE

    Irish Television

    The history of public service broadcasting in Ireland and its often difficult journey from concept to screen.