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  • George Dixon

    Cops on the Box

    Exploring the history of the scripted crime shows that we watch on our TV screens today which owe much to television's innovation of the 1950s.

  • Cheryl Murray

    Suzie B

    Andrew Cobby casts an affectionate and sometimes lustful eye on a Coronation Street femme fatale.

  • TV show image

    Mavericks Cops

    "Fictional detectives generally try to win our attention by pointedly not playing it by the book." David McVey looks at maverick cops.

  • Kojak

    The Best of Kojak

    Andrew Cobby takes an affectionate and sometimes tongue-in-cheek look at Kojak's best characters and episodes.

  • Emmerdale

    Down on the Farm

    Andrew Cobby takes a nostalgic trip back to Emmerdale Farm's early days.

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    Jessica Fletcher will tell you and Andrew Coby will tell you how she dunnit, in this affectionate look back at Murder, She Wrote.

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    Steptoe and son - The Offer

    Robert Ross explains how a single episode of 'Comedy Playhouse' changed the course of situation comedy forever.

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    Ashes to Ashes - The Finale

    Alex Drake finally discovers why she's been sent back to the Eighties, how it all ties in with Sam Tyler, and exactly who is Gene Hunt.

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    The Quatermass Experiment

    The first two episodes of a genuine television classic from 1953.

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    Quatermass ll

    Daniel Tessier gives his verdict on the second series of the now legendary sci-fi show.

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    Quatermass and the Pit

    Daniel Tessier tells us why this was the best of the Quatermass stories.

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    The Armchair Theatre Effect

    The story of Britain's foremost drama series - Armchair Theatre

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    The Callan File

    We open the file on unwilling British government assassin David Callan.

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    Seeing Things - Oliver Postgate

    Book Review - The autobiography of master animator Oliver Postgate

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    Clever Dick!

    Dick Emery's characters were some of the best remembered on British television. We take a look at each and every one of them.

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    Pathfinders In Space

    One of ITV's earliest dramas and a precursor to the development of Doctor Who

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    Pathfinders to Mars and Beyond

    Daniel Tessier continues his review of the 'Pathfinders' series.

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    Porridge: Inside and Out

    The story of how one of Britain's all-time favourite sitcoms came to our screens

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    Five US TV Series to Watch Before You Die

    US writer and broadcaster Mike Spadoni chooses his top five shows.

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    'I know you killed Lucy': Soap and Prediction for EastEnders' 30th Anniversary

    Dr Andrew O'Day on EastEnders 30th Anniversary storyline.

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    The X Factor

    Dr Andrew O'Day explores the massive ITV franchise that has dominated viewing throughout the 2000s and draws parallels with other reality TV shows.

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    "Greeting Grapple Fans"

    Andrew Cobby returns to one of ITV's favourite Saturday afternoon pastime.

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    The Starlost

    Creator Harlan Ellison earned a Writer’s Guild of America award for his original pilot script in 1974. The end product that reached the TV screens was dismal beyond compare.

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    Brian Moore Revisited

    For 30 years ITV's principal sports presenter and football commentator, to a generation of fans, there was "only one Brian Moore!"