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John Winterson Richards

A serial entrepreneur, active in a wide range of enterprises and sectors, John held his first company directorship at 19 and founded his own management consultancy at 22.

In 1992, John's 'Bluffer's Guide to Small Business,'  Business was first published by Ravette books. It has been in print constantly since then, going through over a dozen revisions and reprintings, and has been translated into at least eight other languages. In 2013, it was revised again and became the Bluffer's Guide to Your Own Business. His 'Xenophobe's Guide to the Welsh' has also been constantly in print for over twenty years, revised and reprinted many times, and translated into other languages, including Japanese and Chinese.

An experienced freelance writer as well as a consultant, John has been commissioned and paid to write over 500 articles in print and online. He is the co-writer, with Andrew Harman, past Head of History at Filton High School, of The Context of Christ: the History and Politics of Judea and Rome, 100 BC - 33AD, also available on Amazon Kindle. John is also the author of several novels under the name Charles Cromwell and has written over 100 reviews for Television Heaven.

Books by John

JWR Books Am

John's own website can be found at

Daniel Tessier

Daniel Tessier

Dan, who has written over 90 reviews for Television Heaven, describes himself as a geek. Skinny white guy. Older than he looks. Younger than he feels. Reads, watches, plays and writes. Has been compared to the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth Doctors, and the Dream Lord. Plus Dr. Smith from Lost in Space. He has also had a short story published in Master Pieces: Misadventures in Space and Time a charity anthology about the renegade Time Lord. As well as contributing to this website, Dan has written for and a new unofficial Doctor Who book called Forgotten Lives.

Dan lists his interests as reading, writing, drawing, travel, science and astronomy, mythology, science fiction and fantasy, Doctor Who, collectables, Monster in My Pocket

Dan's web page can be found here: Immaterial

Brian Slade

Brian Slade

Brian Slade combines his love of writing with a day job at University. His main passion is for classic British comedy performers, most notably Morecambe and Wise, Ken Dodd and Dudley Moore. Among the many sitcoms to have left a lasting impression on him was Hi-de-hi! courtesy of happy holidays at Bognor Regis in the 1970s, so it’s no surprise that his first in-print work was about Jeffrey Fairbrother himself, Simon Cadell, in the form of Simon Cadell – The Authorised Biography. It was written with full cooperation of Simon’s family and includes a foreword by Simon’s lifelong best friend, broadcasting legend Gyles Brandreth. Brian has just published his second book, To Be Frank, an authorised biography of Frank Thornton.

Brian has written online about many topics including football, Formula 1 and speedway, but most extensively comedy reviews on Television Heaven. His website is to be found at and he can be followed on Twitter at @bslade1969 or Instagram @brianslade1969

Andrew O'Day

Andrew O’Day is a published author with a BA in English Literature, a Masters in Theatre Studies and a Ph.D. in Television Studies.

His website can be found at

Joshua Nicholson

Joshua Nicholson is currently a full-time student studying English BA. A huge fan of all things Doctor Who, Josh has watched every episode of the series from 1963 to the present, as well as all the spin-off series. Josh has a preference to the RTD era and has a soft spot for both William Hartnell and Colin Baker's portrayals. Taking after his grandad, Josh is also a fan of old British comedies - in particular, 'Allo, 'Allo.

Andrew Cobby

'I have always had square eyes. TV is a great refuge from everyday life and I think everyone needs to escape sometimes. In the real world, I am an office worker, and I live with my wife Julie, two sons, Daniel and Jonathan and two dogs, Frank and Finlay. I currently divide my time between Billingham and 1956.'

Matt Owen

Lifelong gamer and overall media fiend. Matt gets his hands on every new game and watches an unhealthy amount of movies and TV: action, horror, mystery, and sci-fi in particular. When not bingeing on entertainment, he enjoys reading and writing short stories, cooking, and producing video and podcast content.

Jennifer AJ

Born and raised in Indonesia, Jennifer is a consummate film and series enjoyer turned professional film and series enjoyer. She indiscriminately watches all kinds of genres, as long as it's good. She has written for multiple pop culture publications and hopes to be able to write her own book one day.

Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson (no, not that one!) is a British novelist, short fiction writer, former columnist and freelance pen. He occasionally tries his hand at comedy writing – with mixed results. When not addressing societal injustice, through the medium of satire, he is working on a film script and trying to make a living.

His door is always open to clients, agents and TV executives. To be fair, it doesn’t shut properly. He believes that television can be a force for good and cites Spaced, Detectorists and Robin of Sherwood as telly at its best. He is happy to pay for a TV licence.



Laurence Marcus

The creator and owner of Television Heaven, Laurence pre-dates Independent Television in the UK by almost a month! He started this website in 1999 (as far as he can remember) and has continued to bore people with that fact ever since. An occasional voice on radio or talking head on television, Laurence is now retired and continues to enjoy all forms of television from the old classics to the present day.