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Obviously when putting together a website of this size and depth it is necessary to research numerous resources and call on an untold amount of references. This means utilising what is available as well as relying on the memories of those people who have been gracious enough to grant Television Heaven interviews or send emails with pieces of information that might not be available elsewhere. There will be unavoidable instances where something you have read here may be available elsewhere either in print or on the Internet. That is because Television Heaven is a factual work and not a work of fiction. It is inevitable that comparisons may be drawn by articles appearing here to those you may have read elsewhere. However, every attempt is made to avoid the wholesale reproduction of other authors work. All the articles on this website, unless otherwise stated are the original words of the attributed authors.

The following printed references have been knowingly used to confirm certain facts, dates and other programme and/or biographical information: The Television Annual (1950/51 - 1961), TV Mirror (various issues), TV Mirror Annual (1956), Here's Television (Kenneth Baily), Girl Film and Television Annual (1957 - 65), A Guide to Independent Television (1966 - 88 (later Television and Radio)), Hulton's Television Annual (late 1950s), The BBC Television Story (circa 1956), Television close-up (early 1960s), Television Show Book (circa 1965), Television Stars Who's Who In Showbiz (1964), ATV Show Book (various annuals), ATV Star Book (various annuals), How Sweet It Was (1966) (Arthur Shulman and Roger Youman), All Star Television Annual, Look-In (various annuals), TV Times (various issues), Radio Times (various issues), Do You Remember: Television (1974), 40 Years of British Television (Jane Harbord and Jeff Wright) The Setmakers (Keith Geddes), The Golden Age of Children's Television (Geoff Tibballs), British Television (BFI publication), Still Dancing (Lew Grade), Missing Believed Wiped (Dick Fiddy), The Tuppenny Punch and Judy Show (Jo Gable), Halliwell's Television Companion, The Guinness Book of TV Facts and Feats (Kenneth Passingham), Into the Box of Delights (Anna Home), Action TV magazine, TV Zone magazine (monthly publication), Cult Times (monthly publication), Roy Hudd's Cavalcade of Variety Acts (Roy Hudd), The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable Shows (Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh), The Hill and Beyond (Alistair D. McGowan and Mark J. Docherty), ITV: The People's Channel (Simon Cherry), The Pengiun TV Companion (Jeff Evans), Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy (Mark Lewisohn).

The following websites (apart from those on the links page):

The following people: Ian Freeman, Michael Grade, Michael Bangerter, Bernard McKenna, Anna Home, Mollie Sugden, Pete Bryden, David Edgar, Raymond P. Cusick, Matt Zimmerman, Jennifer Blanc, John Smithson, Richard Broke, Graham McCann

The following contributors: Mike Spadoni, Stephen R. Hulse, Daniel Tessier, Duncan Thomas, Frank Collins, Pippa Gwilliam, David P. May, Denise Lovell, Phil McCormack, Bob Furnell, Bonnie Gale, Andrea Iannuzzi (aka Maggie Roberts), Paul Webb.

Every attempt has been made to make the above list as comprehensive as possible and TVH apologises for any omissions. If your name is not here and it should be please email TVH. 

Also a huge thank you to website designer Jonathan Karic (https://pph.me/jonkaric) for his excellent and patient work and for putting up with my constant questions and alterations. "If you seek monument look around you."