The Yellow Pill (1962)

The Yellow Pill

Who is the strange man brought by the police to Dr. Frame? Is he a murderer? How did he gain his uncanny knowledge of Frame's private life? Is it possible that he really comes from another time?

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YOU RANG, M’LORD? (1988)

You Rang M'Lord

A comedic take on 'Upstairs Downstairs', the hugely successful drama centred around the aristocratic home of a member of parliament and the staff employed to keep the home functioning in accordance with social standing of the time, set as it was in the early decades of the 20th century.

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Young Woodley (1960)

Young Woodley

When a school housemaster's wife becomes interested in a young student, a scandalous situation that could jeopardise his entire future, is not far away. 'Young Woodley' so outraged the Lord Chamberlain, that he banned it from every theatre in England.

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