Oh, Brother!

1968 | United Kingdom

Although not strictly speaking a direct spin-off from All Gas and Gaiters, the 1968 series, Oh, Brother! saw Derek Nimmo reprising virtually the same character in all but name and rank. 

This time let loose in a monastery, Nimmo starred as Brother Dominic a novice monk at Mountacres Priory, where he trod the thin line between acceptance and expulsion from his holy order. Like Rev Noote in the series before, Nimmo played a character whose clumsiness and ability to say a dozen words where one may have been necessary was frowned upon by some of his peers, most notably Father Matthew (Derek Francis), but supported by the more well meaning such as Father Anselm (Felix Aylmer). Nimmo was by this time considered fairly hot property on British TV and made Oh! Brother during the run of All Gas and Gaiters

Following the final series Nimmo was given his own chat show, If It's Saturday It Must Be Nimmo, before Brother Dominic was promoted to Father Dominic for one series of Oh, Father!, which was then followed by yet another chat show called Just A Nimmo. It seems as though television had quite definitely found Nimmo!

Published on January 15th, 2019. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.