The Pursuers

1961 | United Kingdom

South African born actor Louis Hayward began work in British films, the first, Self Made Lady (1932), was followed by five UK films through 1933 before Hayward took off for the USA where his most notable role was that of Simon Templar in Leslie Charteris' The Saint in New York (1938)

While never really rising above a steady jobbing actor career Hayward enjoyed a comfortable living and later moved enthusiastically into television - producing his own series, The Lone Wolf, after buying the exclusive rights to several of Louis Joseph Vance's original stories. He also produced this British series originally to be titled Police Dog (his 'sidekick' in the series was an Alsatian), for Crestview Productions with Donald Hyde executive producing. 

Shooting starting on 29 August 1960. Hyde described it as "...a purely British production. Probably the first that will not have any mid-Atlantic accents." In it, Hayward played Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Steve Bollinger who "walks the lonely streets of London." The series was a standard police procedural and writers included Philip Levene, John Warwick, Leonard Finchman, Basil Dawson. 

The theme tune, The Persuers, was composed by Malcolm Lockyer. Apart from one man and his dog, Gaylord Cavallaro also featured regularly as DS Steve Wall and guests passed through included Stewart Granger, John Le Mesurier, Leonard Sachs, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Honor Blackman, Arthur Lowe, Barry Foster and Sam Kydd. The series debuted in 1961 given a 730pm Sunday slot but after around 10 episodes was moved to Saturday at 11pm.

Published on January 21st, 2019. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.

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