1966 | United Kingdom

Underworld investigations series based on an idea and format by writers Brian Degas (co-creator of Colditz) and Tudor Gates and starring Italian actor Stelio Candelli as ex-Mafia man turned investigator, Danny Scipio. 

The series, produced by the BBC, ran for two seasons (between 1966 and 1968) and was filmed mainly on location in Malta, which doubled (trebled or even quadrupled for that matter) for any of the foreign locations where the particular episode was meant to be set. Scipio was aided by fellow crime-busting partner Angelo James, and the series featured a number of British actors in supporting roles. Kieron Moore took over as Mike Hammond, a District Attorney, half-way through the last series when Neil McCallum's character Angelo James was badly wounded in an ambush. All 36 episodes were produced by William Slater whose other TV credits include Maigret, Drama Playhouse and The Onedin Line.

Published on February 11th, 2019. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.