Adventures in Paradise

1959 | United States

Created by James A. Michener, Adventures in Paradise starred Gardner McKay as Adam Troy, the handsome captain of a schooner called the Tiki. Troy, a veteran of the Korean War, became involved in all kinds of comings and goings featuring fortune hunters and freebooters as well as a host of beautiful Tahitian women. Our hero had a number of partners during the series three-year run including a Chinese-American called Oliver Lee (Weaver Levy), Clay Baker (James Holden) and Chris Parker (Guy Stockwell). Although set in the South Pacific the series was filmed on the back-lot of 20th Century-Fox. 

Following the cancellation of the series McKay turned his back on showbusiness to travel the world. He returned to acting in the 1960's and later became a playwright, drama critic and teacher. He passed away at the start of 2002 aged 69. 

Published on November 29th, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.