Man of the World

Man of the World

1962 - United Kingdom

Armed with camera, typewriter and a trained eye for the unusual and newsworthy, freelancer Mike Straight enjoyed a glamorous lifestyle that continuously saw him getting involved in cases of blackmail, espionage and murder. 

The series was filmed in the UK but used location footage specially shot in Spain, on the Riviera or in some other exotic location. Star of the show was ex U.S. Air Force flyer Craig Stevens, who had already made a name for himself in his native country with a three- and-a-half year run as detective Peter Gunn. Dark haired, 6ft 2ins. and of athletic build, Stevens had taken a course in public speaking at the University of Kansas to overcome his apparent shyness. Obviously the course was a success as his elocution teacher was also the university's drama coach, which in turn led Stevens to a part in a university play that was watched by a Hollywood talent scout. The scout talked Steven's into a movie contract, which must have seemed more alluring than his chosen career of dentist. 

Playing alongside Stevens was Mike Straight's assistant, Maggie, played by Tracy Reed, daughter of actress Fay Compton and stepdaughter to renowned film producer Sir Carol Reed. Graham Stark, who appeared in nearly all of the Pink Panther movie's also appeared and the series had a spin-off called The Sentimental Agent, taken from a Man of the World episode of the same name, in which Carlos Thompson played the part of import export agent Carlos Valera. Some notable guest stars to appear in the series were Patrick Troughton, Warren Mitchell, John Laurie, Anthony Quayle, George Coulouris, Juliet Mills, Nigel Davenport, Patrick Wymark, Shirley Eaton and Sam Wanamaker. The theme tune was by Henry Mancini.

Published on January 3rd, 2019. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.

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