The Bulldog Breed

1962 | United Kingdom

A single series of seven comedies starring Donald Churchill as Tom Bowler, an engaging young man with a gift for creating havoc, was created by former Coronation Street producer Derek Grainger and the first episode was written by Peter Eckersley. But for the rest of the series Grainger employed the services of experienced 'Street' writers Harry Driver and Jack Rosenthal. Driver supplied the storylines and Rosenthal put the words in the mouths of Bowler and the rest who included Peter Butterworth, Betty Huntley-Wright, Geoffrey Whitehead and Geoffrey Palmer, all of whom suffer the consequences of Tom, the perennial optimist, as he wanders through life leaving chaos in his wake totally oblivious to the problems he causes for everyone. His girlfriend Sandra somehow manages to find ways of coping with his attitude to life. 

The Coronation Streetlink was completed by giving the co-starring role (that of girlfriend Sandra), for the first time to young Amanda Barrie, later to become 'The Streets' Alma Sedgwick/Baldwin. 

Published on November 30th, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.