Alias the Jester

Alias The Jester

1985 - United Kingdom

Produced by Cosgrove Hall, this BAFTA award-winning animated series following the exploits of Alias, a diminutive time traveller who unexpectedly crash lands in the magical kingdom of Houghton Bottoms in medieval England where he becomes court jester to the irascible King Arthur and his Queen Edith. 

Together with his trusty companion, Boswell the telepathic dog, Alias' adventures begin. 

Having gained employment at the court and befriending the bumbling court wizard Meredith, he fights crime as the Red Knight, who the Meredith believes he summoned. But despite his best intentions, Alias always managed to mess things up which meant that each story would end up with an inevitable firing. 

Richard Briers provided the voice of Alias. The title track was written by Keith Hopwood and Malcolm Rowe. Hopwood was formerly a member of 1960s pop group Herman's Hermits.

Published on November 27th, 2018. Noel Onely.

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