Andy Robson

1982 | United Kingdom

Based on Frederick Grice's 1969 novel, The Courage of Andy Robson, about a young boy (Tom Davidson) who is uprooted from his life in the pit community of Easington, in 1910, when his father is killed in a mining accident. Andy is sent to stay in a remote part of Northumberland, but after upsetting his new schoolmaster and making an enemy of the school bully he realises he has a lot to learn about rural life. Andy is given a dog to care for but in the second episode (Plague Dogs) an outbreak of rabies further alienates him from the locals. Help is at hand in the form of upper class Victoria Dennison (Stephanie Tague) and local lad Alec (Stevie-Lee Pattinson) whom he befriends. The trio shared numerous adventures across two seasons including intrigue with foreign agents, hunting for buried treasure and preparing for a royal visit.

The series' theme tune, "Best of Friends" was written by BA Robertson and Alan Parker and sung by Barbara Dickson.

Published on November 27th, 2018. Noel Onely.