1956 | United States

Made during an era when TV Westerns were hugely popular, Clint Walker (real name Eugene Walker) starred as half-breed frontier scout, Cheyenne Bodie, who travelled the Wild West in the years following the Civil War. 

The show was given more of a lavish look by Warner Bros by including action scenes taken directly from their all action Western movies. 

Behind the scenes the series was beset with problems. At the end of season two Walker entered into a contract dispute with the studio and was promptly dropped. The series retained its title but now starred Ty Hardin as Bronco Layne. Then Walker was re-instated and the show continued as part of an anthology series where it rotated with Sugarfoot, and Hardin's new series, Bronco. In 1962 it went solo again but only for one more season, at the end of which Walker rode off into the sunset for the last time.

Published on December 3rd, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.