1962 | United Kingdom

Imposter was a single science fiction story in the anthology series Out of this World

The Earth has been at war with the Outspacers for many years. With the threat of nuclear war ever present, the humans have been living in under a protective dome. The fate of the planet now depends on the success of a vital project headed by one man. But he has been arrested and condemned to death because he is not, as he believes, Roger Carter, but a robot made by the enemy equipped with all of Carter's memories and beliefs and with one vital ingredient added: they have built a bomb into his body. 

Broadcast on 21 July 1962, Imposterwas from an original story by Philip K. Dick an American novelist, short story writer, essayist and philosopher and was adapted for television by Terry Nation. It starred two actors familiar to viewers from the long-running series Emergency-Ward 10, John Carson who played Carter and Glyn Owen. Also in the cast were Patrick Allen and Angela Browne (who married actor Francis Matthews the following year).   

Published on April 3rd, 2020. Written by Based on original TV Times article and adapted for Television Heaven.