Last of the Baskets

Last of the Baskets

1971 - United Kingdom

After 93 mis-spent years, the 12th Earl of Clogborough (Richard Hurndall) is ready and willing to say farewell to his ramshackle stately home, a mountain of unpaid bills, and his lasty remaining flunky Redvers Bodkin (Arthur Lowe). But first the heir to his title must be found. That heir turns out to be an uncouth boiler maker who is blissfully unaware of his aristocratic fate; Clifford Basket (Ken Jones). 

Moving into home and title with his equally uncouth mother in tow (Patricia Hayes), Clifford enjoys the high life much to the distain of the snooty butler who has to bring him bottles of brown ale on a silver platter. But soon enough they have to concern themselves with much weightier matters such as paying the bills and stopping the mansion from collapsing into the Pennines.

Published on December 29th, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.

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