My Hero

1952 | United States

Bob Cummings played the part of Robert S. Beanblossom, a well-meaning but not very successful real estate salesman for the Thackery Realty Company. 

Actor Cummings, who had served during the war as a flying instructor, had previously appeared in the Hollywood movie Dial M for Murder. In this filmed series he managed to avoid the wrath of his boss, Willis Thackery , for all his shortcomings, by virtue of his pleasing nature and the help he received from office secretary (and his girlfriend) Julie Marshall (Julie Bishop), who went out of her way to straighten out his mistakes in the belief that he would always emerge triumphant. 

The series was broadcast by the NBC Network between November 1952 and August 1953, and was also sold to the UK where it was aired on the new Independent channel, ATV, on 24 September 1955, making it the first US sitcom to be seen on Commercial Television, preceding I Love Lucy by a day, and becoming only the second US import to be seen on British screens behind Amos n' Andy which was shown on BBC in 1954.

Published on January 9th, 2019. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.