Mystery Hall

1967 | United Kingdom

When Jimmy Brent (Mark Colleano) arrives to spend a holiday at a converted 15th century mansion, now a remote hotel on the Dorset coast, he is caught up in a violent treasure hunt. He sees a guest shoot the hotel owner and tells all and sundry, but who will believe the boy wehen the 'dead man' turns up unharmed? Later he hears a lost treasure from a sunken Spanish galleon said to be hidden in a secret passage beneath this converted 15th century mansion. But with his credibility shot down, Jeremy has no one to turn to. His only allies appear to be his faithful canine companion, Solo, a writer (Alan Wheatley) who first hears the boy's tale of sudden death, and an odd-job man by the name of Zebediah Gast (Philip Newman). But is Gast all he claims to be? Or should Jeremy put his trust in pretty hotel receptionist Jane (Paddy Glynn) or one of the other hotel guests? 

This six-part series from Southern Independent Television no longer exists in the archives.

Published on January 9th, 2019. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.

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