Seven Deadly Virtues

Seven Deadly Virtues

1967 - United Kingdom

When 1966's Seven Deadly Sins proved popular with viewers, series producer Peter Willes decided to repeat the idea the following year. 

The series followed a similar format as the previous one with viewers deciding which virtue they were witnessing before the answer was revealed in the closing credits. The choice they had were justice, prudence, temperance, courage (standing in for fortitude in this series) as well as faith, hope and charity. Peter Willes told the TV Times article writer Sarah Snow; "Most people will agree that the so-called Seven Deadly Sins have changed their character over the centuries, and their words and meaning. Similarly, looking at the virtues, aren't these perhaps all a bit deadlier than they seem?" 

Writers included David Hopkins, Leo Lehman, Joe Orton, Bill MacIlwraith and Bill Naughton (author of the films Alfie and The Family Way). Actors included Donald Houston and Adrienne Corri (pictured above in the first tale Any Number Can Play). 

Published on February 12th, 2019. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.

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