The Range Rider

1951 | United States

The Range Rider was a kids' Western series from Gene Autry's Flying A Productions company that produced many other series of the genre around this time. The Range Rider himself (he was not known by any other name) was played by six foot four inch former stuntman Jock Mahoney. Partnered by Dick West (actor Dick Jones), the duo helped right wrongs without hardly drawing their pistols from their holsters, which was just as well for anyone who opposed them because The Rider's accuracy with his guns was known far and wide. 

There were no other regular characters. The Rider's trusty steed was Rawhide while Dick rode Lucky. The series theme tune was Home on the Range. The series aired on British television in the 1960s but by that time the pair had ridden off into the sunset. Mahoney later starred in CBS's Yancy Derringer while Dick Jones saddled up once more for the syndicated series Buffalo Bill Jr.

Published on January 24th, 2019. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.