The Tingaree Affair

1969 | United Kingdom

The struggle behind a country's negotiations to gain independence from Britain forms the unusual theme for this late 1960s 7-part drama serial. 

The Tingaree Affair is packed with mystery and action as two young people fight to ensure that the British state of Tingaree gains her independence but does not fall under the dictatorship of neighbouring Caris. Eager to exploit Tingaree's valuable mineral sources, Caris plans to wreck the independence talks in London. A tramp hanging around the Tingaree High Commission in England first alerts the suspicions of the High Commissioner's son Martin (David Ballantyne), and with the help of Sandy (Vivienne Cohen), daughter of the Commission chauffeur, he sets out to investigate. They are to need all their inventiveness as they match wits with the sinister Torres (Leon Lissek) and the murderously clever Drew (Valentine Palmer). And the High Commissioner (Peter Arne) has engaged a new handyman - but there is something suspicious about him... 

Episode three was noteworthy for featuring legendary BBC sound broadcaster Alvar Lidell, then just recently departed from the BBC as head announcer. In a career spanning many years, he had become the epitome of polished newscasting and interviewing. It was during the Second World War that the BBC named its previously anonymous announcers and newsreaders - to distinguish them from enemy propagandists. "Here is the News, and this is Alvar Lidell reading it" became an inadvertent catchphrase. Recordings of Lidell's news bulletins have been included in many films set in Britain during WW2, such as Battle of Britain. He added his legendary tones to The Tingaree Affair as a TV interviewer speaking to the High Commissioner. 

David Ballantyne had previously appeared in Quick Before They Catch Us and Vivienne Cohen was making her television debut and went on to have minor roles in Department S and Bless This House.

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