An Age of Kings (1960)

An Age of Kings

In 1960 the BBC embarked on their most ambitious television production up until then, a fifteen-part serial adaptation of the eight sequential historical plays of William Shakespeare.

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An Evening At Home (1951)

An Evening at Home

Canadian husband and wife team Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly entered British television with a series of their own in 1951 called An Evening At Home. This was a set of inconsequential programmes with the Bradens joined by Welsh actor George Benson, notable as a comic support in roles with...

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Andy Robson (1982)

Based on Frederick Grice's 1969 novel, The Courage of Andy Robson, about a young boy (Tom Davidson) who is uprooted from his life in the pit community of Easington, in 1910, when his father is killed in a mining accident. Andy is sent to stay in a remote part of Northumberland, but after...

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Angel (1999)

Spinning-off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel continued to follow the fortunes of a centuries-old vampire cursed with a conscience...

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Angels (1975)

Created by writer Paula Milne, Angels chronicled the personal and professional lives of six student nurses based at the fictitious St Angela's Hospital in London's Battersea district, from 1975-1983 on BBC1. Dubbed the Z-Cars of nursing by some critics due to its authentic semi-documentary...

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Animal Magic (1962)

Presented by the inimitable Johnny Morris, the man who not only spoke to the animals, but also for them, Animal Magic was a firm children's favourite on BBC television for no less than 21 years.

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Anna Lee (1993)

Anna Lee was a bold move by ITV in 1993 to show that not all detectives were male and in fact some were both young and female. In the past there had been female-orientated detective series such as The Gentle Touch, Juliet Bravo, CATS Eyes and US imports such as Police Woman and Cagney and Lacey...

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Annie Oakley (1954)

Television's first Western heroine was played by Gail Davis and co-starred Brad Johnson as Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig and Jimmy Hawkins, as Annie's brother, Tagg.

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