An Age of Kings (1960)

An Age of Kings

In 1960 the BBC embarked on their most ambitious television production up until then, a fifteen-part serial adaptation of the eight sequential historical plays of William Shakespeare.

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Andy Robson (1982)

Based on Frederick Grice's 1969 novel, The Courage of Andy Robson, about a young boy who is uprooted from his life in the pit community of Easington, in 1910, when his father is killed in a mining accident.

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Angel (1999)

Spinning-off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel continued to follow the fortunes of a centuries-old vampire cursed with a conscience...

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Angels (1975)

Drama based at the fictitious St Angela's Hospital in London. 'Angels' was dubbed the 'Z-Cars' of nursing by some critics due to its authentic semi-documentary approach.

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Animal Magic (1962)

Presented by the inimitable Johnny Morris, the man who not only spoke to the animals, but also for them, Animal Magic was a firm children's favourite on BBC television for no less than 21 years.

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