All Your Own

1952 | United Kingdom

According to The Television Annual for 1955 "A constructive use has been made of Children's Television by presenting to the young viewers other youngsters who have hobbies or talents to show. These programmes, All Your Own, have been ably presided over by Huw Wheldon." (Seen in this picture with Keike Ihara, a 13-year old Japanese girl who demonstrated the art of Japanese tea-making while her parents looked on). 

All Your Own first appeared on the BBC in 1952. Wheldon also edited the programme and it was later produced by Cliff Michelmore who had worked his way up from assisting on a number of other children's programmes. Michelmore had been the Hamburg voice of the Two-Way Forces Favourites series, through which he "met" the voice of Jean Metcalfe, who handled the programme in London. She later became his wife. All Your Own also featured a young guitarist by the name of John Williams and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page was a youthful guest. 

Published on November 27th, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.

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