1955 | United States, United Kingdom

Fury is a horse that no-one has yet been able to tame, a magnificent, fiery black stallion with a temper as hot as the desert sun. Joey Clark is a young orphan, a boy with no ties to anyone or anything, who finds himself dogged by accusations of wrongdoing wherever he goes. Thrown together on the ranch owned by widower Jim Newton, they share a rebellious spirit, and together forge a bond of trust that no man can break. 

Set amid the rugged range country of California and featuring action-packed storylines that always emphasised the importance of doing the right thing, this much-loved series for younger viewers was a huge success on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Fury was the first series produced by the newly created TPA (Television Programs of America) in association with ITC in the UK. The series starred Peter Graves as Jim Newton, alongside newcomer Bobby Diamond as Joey. But the undeniable star of the series was Fury, registered as 'Highland Dale' but also credited as 'Beauty' and 'Gypsy', and known to the crew and cast simply as 'Beaut' - the highly intelligent and charismatic American Saddlebred stallion whose other famous credits include Giant and Gypsy Colt. Impeccably trained by owner Ralph McCutcheon, 'Beaut' was insured for more than a quarter of a million dollars; he won several Patsy awards - the animal equivalent of the Oscars, established by the American Humane Association - and scores of devoted admirers worldwide.

Published on December 17th, 2018. Review: Noel Onely.