Heckle and Jeckle

Heckle and Jeckle

1946 - United States

Cartoon magpies created by Paul Terry one of the most prolific film producers in history having produced over 1300 cartoons between 1915 and 1955 including the many Terrytoons cartoons which also included Mighty Mouse, Gandy Goose, Sourpuss, Dinky Duck and Deputy Dawg. Heckle and Jeckle (whose names were inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's literary character Dr. Jekyll) first appeared in the 1946 short The Talking Magpies. Heckle had a Brooklyn accent and referred to his partner as 'chum' or 'pal' whilst the British spoken Jeckle referred to his friend as 'old chap.' The last original cartoon appeared in 1966.

Published on December 21st, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.

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