The Adventures of Sir Prancelot

1972 | United Kingdom

Animated tales from the same stable that produced Captain Pugwash, Sir Prancelot followed the exploits of the heroic but somewhat eccentric knight as he set off for the Crusades to the Holy Land in order to escape his overbearing wife, Lady Histeria. But his plan is somewhat scuppered when he learns that not only is Histeria planning to join him but so to is the entire household - including his children, the miserly majordomo Girth, and several serfs. During his adventures he repeatedly falls foul of the dastardly Count Otto "The Blot" and upon finally arriving in the Holy Land he discovers that he is 50 years too late! 

All voices were performed by Peter Hawkins. The story featured the narration of The Minstrel character, whose Cockney accent was rather reminiscent of Michael Caine. Written and produced by John Ryan. 

Published on November 26th, 2018. Noel Onely.