The Fossett Saga

1969 | United Kingdom

Victorian comedy series starring Jimmy Edwards as James Fossett, a writer of "penny dreadfuls", who, from his address at 14 Old Cobblers Street (eventually demolished under the Nauseous Dwellings Abatement Act of 1902) tried his hand at being an inventor, journalist, patron of the arts, company director and bon viveur, or any other scheme - by hook or by crook - that might earn him a pretty penny. An article he had contributed to a new magazine, The Amateur Astronaut, entitled "Constructing a Flying Machine for three and sixpence" caused considerable comment. But the magazine was short lived - although not as short lived as those readers who followed Fossett's advice. His only companion is Herbert Quince (Sam Kydd), a self-employed window cleaner, friend, unpaid valet, biographer, amanuensis and moneylender. 

The Fossett Saga
Jimmy Edwards as James Fossett

Fossett characteristically despised the only work which brought him his livelihood, 523 episodes of the Green Dwarf library, a boys' magazine, but his despairing cry that he was capable of better things was largely ignored. Fossett and Quince were the only regular characters in this 7-part series written by Dave Freeman while the likes of June Whitfield, Eric Barker, Eric Chitty and Graham Stark stopped by for single visits. 

Published on December 13th, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.