The Georgian House

1976 | United Kingdom

Dan and Abbie are two students who arrive at a recently restored Georgian house in Bristol in order to further their own scholarly studies whilst acting as tour guides to the public. The two of them couldn't be less alike: Dan (played by former Timeslip star Spencer Banks) has been privately educated and comes from a wealthy family, fully expecting to go straight into his father's company once his schooling is finished. Abbie on the other hand (played by Adrienne Byrne), is from a state school and is clearly unimpressed with the obvious priveleges that wealth will bring Dan. Nontheless, the two of them make plans to show the public around the house, which 200 years before, was owned by the rich Leadbetter family. 

It is whilst unpacking valuable ornaments for display that the two of them come across an African wood carving which begins to emit a mysterious noise. The carving begins to rotate and the room darkens and a haunting whispering fills the air calling 'boy...boy...boy...'. They find themselves transported back in time where they become involved in the affairs of the Leadbetter family, but with a significant change to their personal circumstances. Abbie is transformed into a member of the wealthy family whilst Dan finds himself dressed in the clothes of a kitchen boy. 

It transpires that they have both been transported back in order to save a black servant, Ngo (former 'Double Decker' child actor Brinsley Forde later the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the reggae group, Aswad) who is about to be transported back to the plantations. Not an easy task given the social circumstances of the age and the fact that Abbie has forgotten all about her 20th century origins.

Published on December 18th, 2018. Noel Onely.