The Love of Mike

1960 | United Kingdom

Michael Medwin, recently demobbed from The Army Game, was given a 26-week sitcom (although it was eventually extended to 30) as dance-band trumpeter Mike Lane; always broke, always short of rent, always running after easy money or a hard-to-get blonde. He is an inveterate woman chaser, and his hunting costume is a padded dressing gown and long cigarette holder. His equipment includes a record-player pitched to woo, soft lights and an unscrupulous eye for an unfair advantage. However, this being the moralistic early 1960s, it isn't surprising that Mike's schemes always end in failure. 

Appearing with Medwin were Brian Wilde as his flat-mate (although only for the first seven episodes - he was replaced by Bernard Fox), George Roderick, from The Larkins, as a henpecked neighbour who is always popping in and Carmel McSharry as Mike's char lady. Medwin, Roderick and Fox teamed up again the following year for Three Live Wires

Published on December 31st, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.