Three Live Wires

1961 | United Kingdom

Comedy series that chronicled the merry misadventures of the employees of a London based TV sales and repair shop. Most of the stories revolved around chief technician Mike, actor Michael Medwin, who had sprung to fame as Springer in the popular Granada series The Army Game. His two co-workers were fellow Londoner George played by George Roderick and Northerner Malcolm, played by Bernard Fox who later gained TV fame in the USA, first as Malcolm Meriwether on The Andy Griffith Show and then as the bumbling Col. Crittenden on Hogan's Heroes

All three actors had appeared in an earlier sitcom called The Love Of Mike. A fourth TV repairman was Higgenbottom played by Derek Benfield and Deryck Guyler (most famously the school caretaker, Potter, in Please Sir!) was the shop manager. 

Unusually for a British sitcom the series ran to a continuous 26 episodes and each of them featured a special guest star of the calibre of Peter Vaughan, Dudley Moore, Dickie Henderson, Arthur Lowe, and a young Ronnie Corbett.

Published on February 6th, 2019. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.