Family Solicitor

1961 | United Kingdom

The business and private lives of the partners of a firm of solicitors was the background for this hour-long series which first appeared on Wednesday June 28, 1961. Robert Flemying & A. J. Brown played the senior partners, accompanied by Mary Kenton, Bernard Horsfall and Geoffrey Palmer in the principal roles as members of the fictitious solicitors' firm of Naylor and Freeman. 

The writers tried to make the cases as authentic as possible prompting the Law Society to remark: "For years we have been waiting for television to present a series like this." Series producer Jack Williams said. "Although most of the action takes place in the offices of Naylor and Freeman, there is no intention of turning Family Solicitor into a dull catalogue of legal procedure. This is a true-to-life series in which real people tackle real-life situations." 

Published on December 11th, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.