The Barricade

1963 | United Kingdom

Flanders, 1918, and young Capt. Dunton deliberately orders his best friend to certain death. What has gone wrong between the two men? And will the Captain's plan succeed? 

It is March, 1918. World War One has been dragging on for four years, stalemate following stalemate. The playwrights have realised that patriotism and flag waving are not enough, and in The Barricade Harry Wall shows the personal tragedy war brings in its wake. This story - the second in the For King and Countryseries about the first world war - also contrasts the carefree, almost feverish life in London with the grim business at the front. It tells an ordinary eternal-triangle tale, but one made stark and more poignant by its surroundings. Lieut. Dick Campbell (David Buck) and Captain Roddy Dunton (Bernard Brown) are close friends, both in love with Violet Derring (Pauline Devaney), who is thoughtless, selfish and flirtatious. At the front Dick hero-worships Roddy, who is engaged to Violet. When Dick goes home on leave, Violet's affections turn towards him. Dick, who has always secretly loved her, cannot withstand her blandishments. On returning to the front he tells Roddy what happened. The shock of this revelation to Roddy's war-torn mind makes him act desperately. "Everyone thinks," David Buck said, "that "Journey's End" is the only worthwhile play produced by the First World War. I think this series is disproving that." 

Among the cast for this presentation were Ivor Dean (The Saint) and Henry McGee (The Worker and The Benny Hill Show). The play was adapted for television by Tim Aspinall was directed by Julian Amyes and produced by Gerald Savory. It was a Granada TV Network Production. Shown on ITV at 9:15pm on Tuesday 13th August 1963. Other plays in the "For King and Country short series: Part One-Out TherePart Three-Tunnel Trench Part Four-The Enemy

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