The Beatles' British Broadcasts

Your guide to every TV show where The Beatles appeared on British screens from 1962 to 1970 is taken from Mark Lewisohm's excellently researched 'The Complete Beatles Chronicle' originally published in 1992. The guide does not, however, list news coverage or the screening of promotional films or videos. Appearances are listed in order of transmission and not recording dates.

There is one point worth mentioning: On the group’s appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars , it is generally believed that this was the professional debut television performance of The Beatles. In fact, you can see from this list that The Beatles appeared on a number of other shows, such as the TWW (Television Wales and the West) show Discs A Gogo more than a month before the 'Lucky Stars' show. On 'Go Go' they mimed to 'Love Me Do' and so the purists among you may decide that this was in fact their 'professional debut'. However, 'Lucky Stars' had the advantage of being fully networked across the ITV regions, which 'Go Go' was not. Neither were any of the other local shows such as the children's programme Tuesday Rendezvous.

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Published on December 3rd, 2019. Source: 'The Complete Beatles Chronicle' - this compilation for Television Heaven.