You're a TV Star, Charlie Brown

In the history of comic strips, 'Peanuts' is among the most popular and influential. Running in newspapers in 75 countries and with a readership of over 300 million, it is arguably America's biggest export. But when it was animated for TV in 1965, CBS were reluctant to bring it to our screens.

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Blackadder Two

Lord Edmund Blackadder, great grandson to the original, is a Tudor courtier attempting to win the favour of Queen Elizabeth l while avoiding execution by decapitation.

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The Black Adder - Series 1

After the 1485 Battle of Bosworth Field, a brave and kindly King Richard III returns victorious, only to be accidentally killed by Edmund Plantagenet. The first series of the classic historical comedy about the venomous but luckless Blackadder was almost its last.

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