A Night Out

A Night Out

1960 - United Kingdom

Albert Stokes finds himself perpetually fighting the dominance of women, not least of all his possessive widowed mother (Madge Ryan) who "wears him down with constant rebukes about her loneliness and by her endless questioning." 

Albert plans a night out against her wishes. 

At an office party he is involved in an embarrassing incident which leads to a more eventful evening than he had bargained for. 

Tom Bell starred as Albert with Jose Read (left of main picture) as Joyce and Maria Lennard (right of picture) as Eileen, the two girls he meets at the party. Produced by Sydney Newman and shown at 9.05pm on Sunday 24 April 1960 under the ABC Armchair Theatre strand, A Night Outwas the first Harold Pinter play to be written especially for television. Using his stage name of David Baron, Pinter appeared in his play as Seeley, one of Albert's fellow insurance clerks. 

Also in the cast as Mr King was Arthur Lowe. 

Directed by Philip Saville. An ABC Television Network Production.   

Published on April 4th, 2020. Based on original TV Times article and adapted.

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