Fantastic Voyage

1968 | United States

Based on the 1966 live action movie of the same name, Fantastic Voyage is the animated US TV series from 1968, created by the world famous animation studio Filmation (He-Man, She-Ra, Flash Gordon, Batman, Superman) and produced by renowned animators Lou Sheimer and Norm Prescott. The series follows the adventures of C.M.D.F. (Combined Miniature Defence Force), a secret government organisation that possesses the ability to reduce people to microscopic size for 12 hours only. 

Using a flying submarine called The Voyager, they do battle against unsuspecting enemies of the free world (both criminal and germinal matter). While the series was in production, Aurora Model Company developed a plastic model of the Voyager, releasing it only months before the series cancellation was announced. 

Due to the short run of the show, this kit received only one press run, and as a result is one of the rarest kits to find of the Aurora line with boxed versions exchanging hands on eBay for up to 700 USD.

Published on December 11th, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.