Roy Kinnear and Patsy Rowland

Inside George Webley

1968 - United Kingdom

The late great Roy Kinnear starred as George Meredith Webley, in this Yorkshire Television produced sitcom about a bank clerk who was guaranteed to add the word pooper to party and crushing to bore. 

George worked for the aptly named Meanside and Beestley Savings Bank in Leeds and in his spare time (actually in his work time, too) thought it his duty to bore everyone rigid, including his long-suffering wife, Rosemary (Patsy Rowlands), with trivia, perpetually worrying about everything in the world and complaining that he had suffered every illness known to man. George was the eternal pessimist and approached life with the attitude that if something was going to go wrong - it would! 

The series was the first of several collaborations between Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall, which included a TV adaptation of the latter's solo novel 'Billy Liar' (Billy), Diana Dors' sitcom Queenie's Castle and an adaptation of Barbara Euphan Todd's eternal scarecrow stories featuring Worzel Gummidge (as played by Jon Pertwee). It was also notable for including something of a who's who of British character actors and comedians such as James Bolam, Peter Butterworth, Les Dawson, Clive Dunn, Hattie Jacques, Roy Hudd, Dandy Nichols, Graham Stark and Max Wall. 

Published on December 23rd, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.

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