Luck of the Draw

1962 | United Kingdom

Accepting the luck of the draw has become the Green's family motto. But Arthur, at 28 the only unmarried one, begins to have doubts. Should he carry on as before or should he forget family tradition and give fate a definite hand?

Luck Of The Draw was about a sensitive and self-conscious young man who finds it hard to get on with girls. Arthur Green, played by Michael Caine, is a shy cockney waiter in his late twenties. A bungling dancer, an incompetent small-talker, he radiates tension when confronted by a pretty girl. And, like animals that attack when they pick up the scent of fear, the girls turn aggressive and humiliate him, which makes him feel worse. And so it goes on. 

In desperation, Arthur goes to the Devereux Introduction Bureau in order to overcome his shyness by finding his perfect match. The owner, Mrs Devereux (Jenny Laird) is helpful and sympathetic, and arranges a meeting with his "opposite number," Jenny Miller played by Ann Lynn. She is a Northerner, alone and friendless in London. All looks well until Arthur's mother (Joan Young) depresses him by saying only fate can fix marriages. 

Author Philip Levene's play was a comedy, and fate, as well as Mrs Devereux, was on Arthur's side. Said 29-year old Michael Caine: "It's a warm, sentimental play and Arthur is a pleasure to play-because I can remember feeling just like him." Certainly a far cry from the ladies man, Alfie, that Caine was to play four years later.

Shown under ITV's Drama 62 strand and aired on Sunday 9 September 1962 at 9.35pm lasting 60 minutes.   

Published on April 3rd, 2020. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.