The Protectors (1)

1964 | United Kingdom

The Protectors had one of the most difficult jobs on television when first introduced in 1964, as this team of specialists were brought in to bridge the gap left by the concluding episode of that year's highly successful series of The Avengers

"We sell security. Object: To prevent crime," was the motto of the three specialists operating out of a plush London office. 

Producer Michael Chapman said of the series, "This is in sharp contrast to The Avengers, which dealt with crime in a stylish, fantasy world. Our show is about three level-headed people who try to prevent crime from happening." Certainly Heather Keys played by former Compactactress Ann Morrish was no Cathy Gale. "I suppose it is inevitable I should be compared to Cathy," said Morrish in 1964. "But off-screen and on we couldn't be more different." 

The series took for its inspiration the many security firms that were beginning to spring up around Britain at that time, and after placing advertisements in newspapers, asking prospective clients to call 'Wellbeck 3269' the SIS (Specialists in Security) firm headed by former insurance investigator Ian Souter (Andrew Faulds), and assisted by ex policeman Robert Shoesmith (Michael Atkinson) found themselves assigned to cases involving forgery, espionage and murder. African born Faulds had previously come to public notice as a prospective Labour parliamentary candidate for Stratford-on-Avon, and took up his political career once more after retiring from acting to become an MP. Ann Morrish went on to be a presenter on the pre-school children's show Play School.

Published on January 21st, 2019. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.