The Bed-Sit Girl

1965 | United Kingdom

Another sitcom from the prolific two Ron's writing team of Chesney and Wolfe, The Bed-Sit Girl was written as a starring vehicle for Sheila Hancock (wife of the late John Thaw), who had become a household name in the duo's earlier smash hit comedy, The Rag Trade. Sheila was a secretary whose life was a steady stream of failed romances and frustrated failures but who never gave up her dreams of a more glamorous and fulfilling existence. She would have gladly swapped places with her airhostess friend and neighbour Dilys (occasional Carry On star - Dilys Laye) and attempted to associate herself with what she considered the jet set. 

The second series saw her with a boyfriend, David (Derek Nimmo), who lived in the bed-sit flat next door, and a new worldly-wise friend (after Dilys had jetted off permanently) called Liz (Hy Hazell). 

Published on November 29th, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.