The Informer

1966 | United Kingdom

Disbarred barrister Alex Lambert (Ian Hendry) uses his connections with the underworld to pass information onto the police -for a price! This tense, pithy thriller lasted for two seasons and followed Lambert as he trod the precarious path between both sides of the law whilst keeping his wife (Heather Sears) ignorant of his true profession, posing instead as a business consultant. This wasn't the only secret he kept from her -as he was also having an affair with the girlfriend (Jean Marsh) of an unsuccessfully defended client, (whose case led to his disbarment). His one contact with the police was through DS Piper (Neil Hallett). Tony Selby also starred. 

The series was created by John Whitney and Geoffrey Bellman and produced by Tella Richman (series 1) and Peter Collinson (series 2). Directors included Michael Lindsay-Hogg and a young Ridley Scott.

Published on December 23rd, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.