What's A Mother For?

1969 | United Kingdom

 Angela (June Whitfield), whose husband is abroad, wakes to find she has been sharing a bed with a strange man. 

The lady's embarrassment is not eased when she discovers her bed-mate dead. 

Her first thought is to dial 999, but with the wild illogic that afflicts the mind in moments of crisis (at least in comic plays), she persuades herself that the police can be kept out of this. 

Her mother (Mona Washbourne), the genial Pete (popular musician Joe Brown) from Happy Housewives Cleaning Service, and fussy Mrs. Katapodis (Claire Davenport) conspire to dispose of the body. 

This was Charles Laurence's first play and also a new venture for Joe Brown, who was making his first drama appearance. The play was broadcast under the Armchair Theatre strand on 20 January 1969 at 8.30pm.   

Published on April 4th, 2020. Adapted from original TV Times article..