An Actor's Life for Me

An Actors Life For Me

1991 - United Kingdom

Robert Neilson (John Gordon-Sinclair) is an actor who dreams of being a star - alas, the best he has achieved so far is the face of Doberman Aftershave in a TV commercial. Nevertheless, Robert is convinced that stardom is only an audition away. Keeping his feet on the ground is girlfriend Sue (Gina McKee) and his dependently unreliable agent Desmond (Victor Spinetti). Even so, Robert dreams of starring alongside the likes of Hollywood's rich and famous. 

This six episode series was developed for television by Paul Mayhew-Archer from his own BBC Radio 2 series. Gordon-Sinclair reprised the role he played on radio (although the character's name was Robert Wilson) but Sue was originally played by Caroline Quentin and Desmond by Gary Waldhorn. After the single series finished it returned to radio. 

Published on November 27th, 2018. Noel Onely.

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