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2011 - United States

Slip into the bespoke suits of New York City’s most high-profile lawyers as they duke it out in and out of courtrooms.

Suits review by Jennifer AJ

Suits is a 9-season legal drama that originally aired on USA Network beginning in 2011. These days, it’s largely known as the TV show that catapulted Meghan Markle’s name before she became Duchess of Sussex, but Suits is so much more than that. The show was a charming series featuring some of the most endearing fictional lawyers and paralegals to ever grace the small screen. The fact that it ran for 9 seasons should already tell you that viewers loved the show and still do: it recently made headlines for breaking Nielsens' streaming records for two consecutive weeks. 

Suits TV series

Suits begins when genius college dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is discovered by and subsequently recruited to work for New York’s top corporate lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Mike’s lack of a law degree means that they have to constantly hide the secret from everyone at Pearson Hardman, the law firm where Harvey is a partner. The series revolves around various corporate cases that Harvey and Mike must tackle and the office dramas that accompany them. A colourful cast of characters round out the ensemble. There’s the firm’s formidable senior partner Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), who often acts as Harvey’s mentor; Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty), Harvey’s ultra-capable secretary; Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), another partner with some sleazy tendency; and of course, there’s Markle as Rachel Zane, Pearson Hardman’s paralegal and Mike’s object of affection.


Despite all the legal jargon flying around, the show is zippy and even quite comedic at times. It adopts a case-of-the-week formula while maintaining season-long arcs, which means you can enjoy it both as one-offs or continuously. The show presents an in-depth look into the world of corporate law but is never too precious about it. The rapport between the people working at the law firm is the real reason to tune in, especially Harvey and Mike’s mentor-student dynamic. There’s always the lurking danger of Mike’s cover being blown and the longer the series goes with more people finding out, the juicier it gets.

Suits courtroom scene

Visually, the show has a certain quiet slickness to it. From the gleaming office to the well-curated attire, the show makes the lives of lawyers seem so glamorous. The characters would trade barbs in boardrooms, but also in upscale restaurants, luxurious apartments and occasionally, really fancy galas. It does help that the cast is made up of pleasingly gorgeous actors who embody their roles really well. The styling of the show does enhance the experience too, with the ladies each having distinct office looks worth stealing. Pick between Jessica’s elegant power suits, Donna’s soft feminine style or Rachel’s curvaceous ensembles - they all exude quiet luxury and timelessness. The men are clad in immaculately tailored suits all the time; in an age where workwear is becoming more and more lax, these dapper dudes certainly set the standard.

The show’s title itself has a double meaning: it can either refer to the suits worn by its main characters or the lawsuits that they deal with on a daily basis. Quite a neat choice and an apt one given how the show is as much about the legal stuff as it is about the style. Confident and assured like Harvey himself, this is a show that never takes itself too seriously while always nailing what it brings to the table. The verdict: this is a must watch!

Published on August 10th, 2023. Written by Jennifer Ariesta for Television Heaven.

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