A Mind To Kill

1994 | United Kingdom

Based on a 1991 pilot created by Lyn Ebenezer and Sion Eirian, A Mind to Kill debuted on Wales' S4C network in 1994, and ran irregularly until 2002. 

Philip Madoc stars as Detective Chief Inspector Noel Bain, working for the Mid-Wales Police Department as their senior investigator for homocides set against a backdrop of a troubled and splintered community now stripped of its once-mighty industries. As an investigator Bain is unrivalled, and the complex, frequently disturbing cases that come his way are met with an infallible instinct which even the sharpest criminal minds cannot match. 

But in his private life things are not so straight forward: A widower for seven years (his wife was killed by a drunk driver), Bain lives with his headstrong, emotionally damaged 17-year-old daughter, Hannah (Ffion Wilkins) who has set her own sights on a career in a rapidly changing police force. It's a difficult relationship between father and daughter because Hannah wants things back the way they were when her mother was alive, and resents what she feels is dad's controlling influence on her life, while he struggles to come to terms with the dangers of police work that he knows she is going to be exposed to. His colleagues lead no less complicated lives and are also the cause of conflict, with divorced Detective Sergeant Alison Griffiths (Gillian Elisa) experiencing difficulties in her private life (including almost getting raped), while Detective Sergeant Carwyn Phillips (Geraint Lewis) tends to be very narrow-minded. Noel's superior, Superintendent Jack Bevan (Meic Povey), has to walk the fine line of public service and the politics required of modern day policing at Senior Officer level. 

Pathologist Professor Margaret Edwards (Sharon Morgan), presents a potentially rewarding emotional relationship with Noel but he fears taking their relationship to the next level, mindful of the problems such a relationship has caused him in the past. The series was set in south Wales but filmed largely in Aberyswyth and Ceredigion in both Welsh and English languages.

Published on January 4th, 2019. Written by Noel Onely for Television Heaven.

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