The Caesars

1968 | United Kingdom

Made in 1968 and broadcast to tremendous critical acclaim, The Caesars was one of the last great drama productions made in black and white for ITV by Granada. The Caesars is an unrivalled period drama detailing the murder, sex and madness that will forever have a place in the annals of ancient history. After a century of being wrecked by dissension and ruinous civil wars, the Romans were willing to pay any price for peace and internal security. This happened to be the absolute rule of an Emperor-dictator - Augustus (Roland Culver). After ruthlessly disposing of all possible rivals and enemies, Augustus' later years were bedevilled by the question of his successor. He firmly believed that for the good of Rome, the dictatorship must continue, but he hadn't bargained on those who followed him. Featuring outstanding performances from famed character actor Andre Morell, Ralph Bates and an award-winning performance by Freddie Jones, The Caesars pre-dates I, Claudius by eight years and neatly chronicles the decline and fall or Rome.

Published on December 2nd, 2018. Noel Onely.