Boy Dominic / Dominic

| United Kingdom

Superior children's drama series with a distinguished cast of adult actors telling a tale of riches to rags of the Bulman family and in particular young Dominic, played by Murray Dale, the son of Carry On stalwart Jim Dale, in only his second professional engagement. 

The setting is Yorkshire in the year 1820 and the realisation that the well-to-do Bullman family are about to have their world torn apart when the head of their family, Charles Bulman (Richard Todd) loses his ship -The Bright Star, off the north coast of Africa. With no word of the fate of his father and no income, Dominic and his mother, Emma (Hildegard Neil) are forced to sell their Greenwich home. Together they travel to Yorkshire and throw themselves on the mercy of Lady Bulman (Mary Morris), who turns them away as money grabbers. With nowhere else to go, they throw in their lot with an old seafaring friend of Charles', a drunken old salt by the name of William Woodcock (Brian Blessed). Together they open a guesthouse catering for patrons from all walks of life and of varying notoriety. 

Events take a turn when Charles Bulman suddenly returns to England having survived shipwreck, slavery and prison, and seeking revenge on those that sabotaged his vessel. All's well that ends well and the family are reunited at the end of the first series. However, there was worse awaiting the Bulman lad in series two. The saga begins with the murder of his parents and sets the course for his revenge. 

Dominic (the 'Boy' part of the title was dropped for the second series), set about finding the reason for the double murder. Guest stars in series two included John Hallam, Thorley Waters and Louise Jameson. 

Published on November 30th, 2018. Written by Laurence Marcus for Television Heaven.